Electric Adjustable Beds

Electric adjustable beds or adjustable beds for that matter are also known as semi fowler beds and are used by people who are afflicted with medical conditions that restrict their movements and thus keep the individual bedridden. Generally used by those who are afflicted with medical disorders so as to enable them to have a good night’s rest these beds can also be used by people who are not afflicted with any disorder just to get a good and peaceful rest period.

Adjustable beds normally have special controls and levers that enable a person to align the bed according to his or her needs and sleeping postures. Electric adjustable beds are those which allow the user to carry out these tasks with the help of button controls that make it easier for the individual. These controls allow the user to control movements of the bed himself without any outside assistance.

Electric adjustable beds can also be controlled remotely by help of remote control options available. For those wanting a restful period they can position the bed so as to provide maximum comfort to the head, neck, shoulders and lower extremities of the their body. These electric beds are designed so as to allow them to be incorporated into the home environment. Separate motors are available so as to provide individual parts of the bed to be aligned according to the user’s needs and requirements. The motors allow for the user to control the elevation of the neck, the back and the legs as per the requirements of the individual.

Advantages of Electric Adjustable Bed

Electric adjustable beds are very sturdy as they are built with superior quality materials and possess mattresses that are specially designed for such types of beds. Thus while buying electric adjustable beds you need to keep two aspects under consideration that is the base or the materials and the mattress being used. Mattress types are varied and the user can choose from foam, latex, coir, spring etc.

There are a number of electric adjustable bed manufacturers in the market. Some of them are craftmatic, spring air and sleep well among the others. The uses of these beds by individuals help them get temporary relief from aches and pains related to disorders like swelling of the legs, sliding hernias, arthritis, Rheumatism and a host of other ailments. These beds are available in various sizes and types and are priced accordingly depending upon the materials and mattress quality incorporated.

The best part about electric adjustable beds is that they can be programmed by the user so as to get out maximum comfort without exerting a lot of energy and strength. The movement of the bed can be controlled and set using the memory controller which allows for such actions. These electric adjustable beds also incorporate a massage system that can be switched on so as to provide the user respite from tensed muscles and aching joints. Actions like reading books in an inclined position, watching TV and eating in bed can all be performed with ease using the controls and buttons provided.